2021 Summer Reading Club

Our 2021 Summer Reading Club will be in-person, outside and socially distanced. More information coming soon!

The basic reading requirements for Summer Reading Club are simple. Students ENTERING:

1st – 5th Grade – Read 60 minutes and you’ll move up a level by earning a badge. Earn a ticket to be entered into a drawing at 300 minutes. Read 600 minutes and you’ll earn another ticket for the prize drawing and also be awarded a gift bag.

6th – 12th Grade – Earn a badge for every book you read. Read 5 books and you’ll get a gift bag and be entered into the prize drawing. Read more than 5 books to earn an additional entry into the final prize drawing.

Adults – Read 5 books and win a $5. Target gift card and be entered to win a gift basket. Read 5 more books to earn another entry to win a gift basket.

Questions? Visit the Summer Reading Club FAQ page at https://barclay.bookpoints.org/help


REMEMBER: THE PROGRAMS ARE SUPER FUN, BUT THE READING GETS YOU THE PRIZES! All Readers must read books appropriate for their reading level — If in doubt, please ask a library staff member!