Employment Opportunities

Position Descriptions:

Library Clerk I – This is a part-time, entry-level position consisting of basic public library functions, including customer service.

Library Clerk II – This is a part-time, entry level position consisting of advanced public library functions and management of specific library related tasks

Copy Cataloger – This position requires basic knowledge barcoding and copy cataloging procedures and thorough knowledge and performance of all duties of the Clerk I position.

Cataloger – This position requires library cataloging experience and professional training; an LTA certificate is desired. May also include Clerk I or II duties.

Children’s Librarian – This position requires thorough knowledge and performance of children’s services such as juvenile and young adult literature, programming and experience working with children.

Adult Programming and Marketing Assistant – This is part-time position consisting of advanced public library functions, the coordination of library services for adults, and implementation of the library’s marketing plan.

Assistant Director – This position requires thorough knowledge and performance of the Library Clerk I and II positions as well as basic knowledge of every phase of the public library field. Minimum of three years’ experience in the library field is preferred.

Library Director – This is a highly responsible administrative position requiring thorough knowledge, skill and ability in every phase of the public library field.  An MLS and three years’ experience is preferred.

Bookkeeper – This position is part-time and requires thorough knowledge of basic accounting practices and software.

Open Positions

Children’s Librarian: 

The Barclay Public Library District in Warrensburg, IL is seeking qualified applicants for the position of Children’s Librarian to oversee services for children and young adults including programming, collection development, and outreach.  This position requires a minimum of one-year prior experience working with children of all ages.  An Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood, teaching experience or some combination of experience and higher education is preferred. Library experience is preferred.  This position also includes working at the circulation desk, basic computer skills, clerical duties and customer service.  Part-time (25-35 hours) varied schedule requires daytime, evening and weekend hours. Hourly rate dependent upon qualifications, vacation and sick leave, IMRF.  Send cover letter, resume and references to Lacey Wright, PO Box 349, Warrensburg, IL 62573 no later than January 10, 2018.
Children’s Librarian Job Description